About us

« We make breakables unbreakable ! »


Thanks to its wide experience of injection molding thermoplastic materials with increasing investment in research & development, UnbreakMyGlass ®  designs, produces and distributes worldwide a broad innovative colourful range of unbreakable, reusable, customizable and recyclable Drinking Glasses.


Quality, safety, standards compliance and creativity are a core area of our corporate vision.

Our solid network of partners is booming in numerous channels such as:



  • Night-time market (Discos, Clubs, Casinos)

  • Communities (Schools, Hospitals, Retirement houses, cafeterias, penitentiary centres, etc.)

  • Marine & Yachting field

  • Event-driven agencies

  • Vacations Clubs (Pool bars)

  • Beverage distributors

  • Cruise companies