Unbreakable plastic glass, unbreakable, reusable, green and customizable plastic glasses & cups

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Green customizable glasses and cups: our reusable plastic drinking glasses ranges offer a perfect safety and an esthetic alternative to the real glass. Our glasses are manufactured in the E.U.

The food-safe polycarbonate is renowned for its excellent shock and flame resistance, for its dimensional stability and its good electrical properties. It’s one of the world’s most important plastic being used on a daily basis.

The food-safe polycarbonate is undoubtedly the most available today versatile and adaptable material.

It has already won over a sizeable clientele in many segments such as the hospital equipment, the Yachting industry, the optics business, the electronic components market, the automotive sector, the catering trade and much more.

Unbreakable glasses! Safety guaranteed!


This shock and flame-resistantglassware avoids the high costs involved in changing broken glasses. It isn’t only a great cost-effective alternative to conventionalglasses, but this also ensures a better safety to your clients.

Our ranges offer a wide variety of customized glasses with opaque, clear, fluorescent or frosted appearance colours and logos custom printing.